The Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed / In Search Of (2 CD) Серия: 2 For 1 инфо 3605y.

Содержание CD1: The Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed 1 The Day Begins 2 Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling 3 The Morning: Another Morning 4 Lunch Break: Peak Hour 5 The Afternoon 6 Evening ваубш 7 Nights In White Satin (The Night) 8 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 9 Fly Me High 10 I Really Haven't Got The Time 11 Love And Beauty 12 Leave This Man Alone 13 Cities 14 Tuesday Afternoon 15 Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling (Alternate Versionвмтвэ) 16 The Sun Set (Alternate Version) 17 Twilight Time (Alternate Vocal Mix) CD2: The Moody Blues In Search Of 1 Departure 2 Ride My See-Saw 3 Dr Livingstone, I Presume 4 House Of Four Doors (Part 1) 5 Legend Of A Mind 6 House Of Four Doors (Part 2) 7 Voices In The Sky 8 The Best Way To Travel 9 Visions Of Paradise 10 The Actor 11 The Word 12 Om 13 Simple Game (Justin Hayward Vocal Mix) 14 The Best Way To Travel (всыъAdditional Vocal Mix) 15 Visions Of Paradise (Instrumental Sitar Mix) 16 What Am I Doing Here (Alternate Mix) 17 The Word (Mellotron Mix) 18 Om (Full Version) 19 Dr Livingstone, I Presume (BBC Session) 20 The Best Way To Travel (BBC Session) 21 A Simple Game Исполнитель "The Moody Blues" Группа была образована в 1964 году в Бирмингеме В состав "The Moody Blues" вошли: Майк Пиндер – клавишные, Рэй Томас – флейта, Грэм Эдж – ударные, Дэнни Лейн - гитара и Клинт Уарвик – бас (вокальные партии исполняли все члены коллектива) Как и .

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